Edward Abel, RN

Edward Abel, RN


CARESULTANTS offers a unique and effective solution for affluent individuals and their families who want to ensure an optimal transition and experience during life’s later stages.

In working with thousands of aging clients over the past forty years, we found that many people who anticipate, or who are already experiencing, cognitive or physical decline often wait until it’s too late to make arrangements. They frequently end up with sub-optimal solutions or worse. And they inevitably place an unbearable burden on their families.

While “reacting” is often necessitated by financial circumstances, individuals who have the resources and who understand the value of planning just haven’t traditionally had a solution. This is why Caresultants was created: To provide 360° of planning and support for individuals who want to age actively and gracefully while minimizing the burden on their families.

The Caresultants’ Comprehensive LifeCare Plan™ proactively addresses dozens of issues and needs so that the risks and costs of aging and the burden on family and loved ones are minimized – while maximizing quality of life.

Our Comprehensive LifeCare Plan™ includes:

  • Care Plan Development
  • Family Communication Support
  • Technology Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Vetting and Managing Caregivers
  • Enhanced Mobility & Safety Construction
  • Estate (Home) Management
  • Relocation Support
  • Nursing Homes Vetting and Care Management
  • Dementia Care Coordination & Management
  • Appointment Logistics
  • And more…

With Caresultants Comprehensive LifeCare Plan™, you are assured that all the resources you need to gracefully age successfully are pre-screened, pre-positioned, implemented, and managed effectively.

At Caresultants, we believe in living fully by accommodating interests, preserving assets, and maximizing fulfillment. Early engagement ensures continuity. Proper proactive planning with your advisory team, healthcare providers, and family enables optimal patient and family outcomes, yielding savings, security, and peace-of-mind!

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out to us!

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