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The Family Office Association is an elite, protected community of extraordinary wealth whose members face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Peer-to-peer interaction and sharing are hallmarks of the organization. Resource Council partners have a trusted reputation for excellence in areas that are of interest to our families. Member families turn to the Resource Council for thought leadership, best practices, advice, and access to information and opportunities. The Resource Council helps shape the Family Office Association’s presence, both online and at real-world events, with content, ideas, topics, speakers, and venues.

We Have the Highest Quality Speakers

Tony Robbins

Author & Speaker

Ray Dalio

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager & Philanthropist

Paul Tudor Jones

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager

Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House

Kathy Ireland

Model, Entrepreneur & Author

the best events

We are renowned for our events, the quality of speakers, the caliber of audience, and the venues/location.


An opportunity to interact with families in intimate settings – both in-person and online – as a trusted advisor.


Share your message via online video casts, white papers, our website, events and more.



Resource Council partners are invited to speak, deliver presentations, and host workshops throughout the year.



Your company information and branding will appear on the Resource Council page, on an individual company page, and across our events and electronic communications. 

Resource Council Partner Benefits

We allow only the highest-quality partners and all Resource Council Partners are subject to approval.

annual membership includeS:

Your firm is invited to speak at ONE of our FOA Roundtables in either LA, NYC or Miami over the course of this 12-month contractual period.

Invitations to our multi-times per month hosted LIVE online video webcasts featuring extraordinary guests and participant interaction through chat and questions for our guests.

Opportunity to ask questions through the chat feature in the video webcasts and include your name and firm name.

Invitation to appear as the interview guest on TWO of these LIVE online video meetings/webcasts over the course of the contract period. (A minimum of one of these will be converted to a professionally produced and designed video.)

You may market and utilize via emails, marketing and social media, your appearance as a guest on this recorded webcast in any way you desire.

You will be invited to co-host along with FOA on the FOA Live! webcast, with a guest that you select as the featured subject. The guest is subject to FOA approval, and must be of a very high standard.

We’ll host consistent monthly Resource Council online video meetings to collaborate and work together as a community.
Branded page on the Family Office Association website that includes details about your firm, services, and key staff, which can serve as a platform for sharing your firm’s thought leadership content.
Opportunities to post firm content (submitted first for approval to Family Office Association) on your FOA branded page on our web site in our Resource Council section.
You may produce (must be of professional quality) 1-2 minute video introduction of your firm that I will share on our single family office member portal and the page specific to your firm on our resource council section of the web site.

You may write professional-quality white papers on subject matters of your expertise. Once they are reviewed and approved by the Family Office Association, they will be posted on the single family office member portal and the page specific to your firm on our Resource Council section of the web site.

You’ll have access to our content and resources produced by the Family Office Association.

Once annual EMAIL DISTRIBUTION of specific content expertise around an offering to our members. This is prepared in email format that I send out for you.

You may request to host two PRIVATE DINNERS for upwards of 8 families/single family offices… your choice of NYC Miami or LA. We’ll arrange for the setting and attending families/single family offices, your firm pays the dinner bill.

Become A Resource Council Member


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What services do your member families typically outsource?

Critical outsourced services for our members include: banking, investment (including impact investment), asset management, private equity, real estate, legal services, tax administration, and cyber defense.

What areas of interest do your members have?

Our member families have expressed interest in many areas, including wealth management, security and data privacy, AI and VR, electric and autonomous vehicles, smart home technology, superyachts, private jets, transformative travel, high-quality design, art and architecture, personalized services, tax and legal affairs, philanthropy, impact investing, and health services.


What's the typical mix of family/SFO to others at events?

Unlike many events in the industry that can be mostly vendors, our events have a reputation as being weighted towards family members and their executives.



Membership WIRE Information


Family Office Association
BANK: Bank of America
Address: 417 Shippan Avenue. Stamford. CT. 06902
Bank Phone: 203-358-6200
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 385002351058


Family Office Association
Bank: Bank of America
Address: 417 Shippan Avenue. Stamford. CT. 06902
Bank Phone: 203-358-6200
Routing Number: 385002351058



"Thank you again for the opportunity to attend Family Office Association's private event in Santa Monica. It was without a doubt the best conference I've attended in terms of quality of speakers, attendees, and creating an atmosphere of sharing, not selling. I look forward to connecting again in the near future."


NxtGen Nexus

"For the transmission of knowledge and intimate family struggles that were shared by both the speakers and some of the attending families, this event was unprecedented. We never before have witnessed such a resounding vote of gratitude from family office attendees."


Family Principal

"Martha's Vineyard was an enriching, rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Loved the curation of highly ethical, grounded, wise, and FUN people who attended the event, as well as topics covered in the sessions. I left the weekend with greater insight."


Family Member & Entrepreneur

"It was a wonderful day filled with hope, compassionate understanding, and a genuine love to help others think and process through the personal struggles that affluence brings."


Philanthropist & Author

"I was thoroughly impressed with the execution of the event and the caliber of family offices. The agenda included ample networking opportunities and allowed me to engage with a broad base of high net work individuals and CIOs. Their interest was genuine, and I returned with a number of new contacts."


Resource Council Founder & PM, First Growth Capital

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