Family Office Association is dedicated to bringing together the world’s top Family Offices, and those on the journey to significant wealth. Our Peer Communities are an extension of this commitment, offering a space for thought leadership, mentorship, and support. Each community, included in our FOA Family Office, and On the Rise memberships, aims to foster leadership and provide exclusive access to private events and resources.

Each Peer Community is guided by a Leadership Council, who contribute their expertise and experiences to benefit all members. We invite you to explore these communities and find your place among peers who share your passions and interests.



Three Initial Monthly Web Meetings

Leadership Council members are asked to participate in three hour-long web meetings during the first three months of their term. These meetings are crucial for setting the direction, goals, and tone of the community.

Ongoing Quarterly Web Meetings

After the initial period, members are expected to continue participating in hour-long web meetings on a quarterly basis. These meetings serve to share updates, request feedback, discuss new ideas, and plan future activities.

Periodic Feedback on FOA Strategic Planning

Members will be asked to provide their insights and feedback on the Family Office Association’s strategic planning initiatives. This may include input on marketing strategies, content creation, and collateral development.

Sharing of Relevant Content and Events

Leadership Council members are encouraged to share information about upcoming events, relevant news, and other content that may be beneficial to the community. This helps ensure all members are informed of opportunities and developments that could impact their interests.

Optional Mentorship Role

Members have the option to serve as mentors within their respective communities. This involves guiding less experienced members, sharing expertise, and contributing to the development of the next generation of leaders in their field.

Providing Feedback and Suggestions for Evolution

Members are committed to offering ongoing feedback and suggestions on how the community and the FOA can continue to evolve. This ensures that the organization remains at the forefront of meeting the needs and interests of all.


Global Impact

Championing Sustainable Futures: The Global Impact community brings together forward-thinking members of the Family Office Association who are committed to creating a positive, lasting impact on the world. This community is for those who leverage their wealth, influence, and resources to address global challenges—climate change, poverty, education, and health, to name a few. By fostering a collaborative environment, the Global Impact community encourages the sharing of innovative solutions, sustainable investment strategies, and philanthropic endeavors aimed at driving change. Members have the opportunity to participate in thought-provoking discussions, partner on impactful projects, and engage with global leaders in sustainability and social change. This community embodies the spirit of collective action, uniting members who are dedicated to making a difference for current and future generations.

Speakers Bureau

Elevating Voices of Leadership: This exclusive community brings together distinguished speakers with a proven track record of delivering impactful keynote speeches and thought leadership within the single-family office community. It serves as a platform for individuals renowned for their insightful perspectives on wealth management, legacy building, philanthropy, and the unique challenges and opportunities facing ultra-high net worth families. Members are thought leaders who have influenced the single-family office space through conferences, seminars, and private gatherings, sharing their expertise on strategies for preserving wealth, innovative investment approaches, and fostering generational leadership. This community not only enhances the visibility of its speakers but also facilitates the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and best practices, contributing to the collective wisdom of the family office sphere.

NextGen Leaders

Forging the Path Forward: The NextGen Leaders community is dedicated to the young, aspiring leaders of the Family Office Association, focusing on those who are set to inherit leadership roles within their ultra-high net worth family offices or wealth-accumulating families. This  community offers a nurturing environment for NextGen members to explore their potential, develop leadership skills, and gain insights into managing and expanding their family’s legacy in a rapidly changing world. Through mentorship programs, leadership workshops, and networking events, NextGen Leaders are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for success. The community encourages innovation, ethical leadership, and a forward-thinking mindset, preparing members to tackle future challenges with confidence and strategic acumen.

Lifestyle and Wellness

Enriching Lives, Enhancing Well-being: The Lifestyle and Wellness community caters to members who prioritize their health, well-being, and the pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle. This peer community is a source of inspiration, information, and support for those looking to enhance their quality of life through holistic health practices, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and stress management. In addition to health and wellness, the community explores luxury travel, culinary experiences, and the arts, offering a comprehensive approach to living well. Members benefit from exclusive access to wellness retreats, expert-led seminars, and curated events that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. The Lifestyle and Wellness community is about celebrating life, fostering personal growth, and creating an environment where members and their families can thrive.

Real Estate Investment and Development

Shaping the Landscape of Tomorrow: This community is the epicenter for investors and developers specializing in commercial, industrial, multi-use, and various other real estate forms. It serves as a dynamic platform for ultra-high net worth individuals who are deeply involved in shaping urban and rural landscapes through innovative real estate projects. The focus extends across the spectrum of real estate development, from groundbreaking commercial complexes to transformative multi-use developments. Members exchange knowledge on market trends, investment opportunities, sustainable development practices, and emerging real estate technologies. This group not only discusses financial aspects but also delves into architectural innovation, regulatory challenges, and community impact. It’s an ideal space for those committed to leaving a lasting imprint on the world through visionary real estate projects.

Technology and Innovation

Driving the Future Forward: This community is a hub for visionaries and innovators at the forefront of technological advancement. Members include ultra-high net worth individuals and families deeply invested in the tech sector, whether through entrepreneurship, venture capital, or as enthusiasts of cutting-edge innovations. The focus is on exploring emerging technologies, sharing insights on digital transformation, and investing in the technological marvels that shape our world. It’s a space for thought leaders to discuss trends in AI, biotech, fintech, and more, fostering a culture of innovation that propels their businesses and personal interests into the future.

Alternative Investments

Navigating Uncharted Financial Territories: The Alternative Investments community is a beacon for Family Office Association members who are pioneering the exploration of non-traditional investment avenues. This community is dedicated to those looking to diversify their portfolios beyond the conventional, delving into realms such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and emerging financial technologies. Members come together to share insights, strategies, and experiences that illuminate the complexities and opportunities within alternative markets.

The community offers a platform for informational discussions on the latest trends, regulatory changes, and innovative investment vehicles, enabling members to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

EB-5 Community

Navigating Investment Immigration: Focused on the EB-5 program, this group aids families in understanding and leveraging this path for immigration through investment. Families are often introduced to the EB-5 program as a path to their dream life, but they may not be adequately informed about the very important steps and challenges that need to be addressed in order to
navigate the complex legal, tax, credit, relocation, education, insurance, social, and other aspects of the transition. We offer a special membership option for families who are applying for or who have active EB-5 applications in process.

Sports and Entertainment

Championing Success Beyond the Spotlight: This community is dedicated to professional athletes, entertainers, and established investors and thought leaders within the sports and entertainment industries. It provides a vibrant forum for members to share their unique interests and experiences, bridging the gap between the exhilarating world of sports and entertainment and the strategic finesse of financial management and investment. The focus of this community is on fostering financial literacy, mastery, and mentorship, offering access to master classes, best practices, and exclusive resources designed to navigate the complexities of wealth management in the high-stakes environment of their professions. Through collaborative learning and shared wisdom, members explore strategies for sustaining their wealth and legacy, managing transitions, and investing with impact. This peer community not only celebrates the achievements of its members in their respective fields but also supports their journey towards financial empowerment and enduring success.

Arts and Fashion

Curating Excellence in Creativity and Investment: This distinguished community is designed for artists, art dealers, fashion luminaries, and savvy investors who view art and fashion not only as expressions of creativity but also as valuable assets. It serves as a dynamic platform for those involved in creating, curating, and investing in art and fashion, facilitating discussions around the nuances of the art market, strategies for art investment, and the intersection of fashion innovation with commercial success. Members have access to resources like master classes on art collection, fashion branding, financial literacy tailored to the nuances of art and fashion investments, and mentorship from seasoned experts in these fields. This peer community encourages a holistic approach to the arts and fashion, emphasizing the importance of aesthetic value alongside financial viability. It’s a meeting ground for those dedicated to elevating the cultural landscape through strategic investment and visionary creative projects, ensuring members are well-equipped to navigate the markets of art and fashion with acumen and foresight.

Veterans Network

Honoring Service, Fostering Success: This community unites top minds and respected leaders from the active military, veteran community, and supportive family offices passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of those who have served. It’s a collaborative platform for mentoring veterans transitioning to civilian roles, bolstering small- to middle-market veteran-owned enterprises, and sharing thought leadership on navigating the investment landscape. The Veterans Network is committed to empowering veterans, whether they are newly entering the workforce, seeking to expand their business ventures, or exploring roles as investors. Through workshops, networking events, and dedicated resources, this community provides the tools and support necessary for veterans to achieve success in their post-service endeavors. Additionally, a strong emphasis on philanthropy underlines the community’s efforts, promoting initiatives that give back to the broader veterans’ community and address the unique challenges faced by service members and their families. This peer community not only acknowledges the invaluable contributions of veterans but actively works to ensure their skills, leadership, and dedication are recognized and rewarded in the civilian sphere.

FOA Kids

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders Within the Family Circle*: The FOA Kids community is a vibrant testament to the Family Office Association’s dedication to embracing a “whole family” membership philosophy. This unique community welcomes members’ children, from the youngest to those up to 18 years old, who are the budding NextGen leaders of their families. By integrating family leaders as mentors, role models, and pillars of support, FOA Kids focuses on curating events and activities that enrich the family experience. Through educational programs, resource sharing, and engaging activities, this community lays the foundation for a well-rounded upbringing, emphasizing the importance of balancing professional aspirations with personal growth and family values. It’s an oasis amidst our bustling lives, designed to prioritize family unity and joy, offering a plethora of opportunities for children to explore their interests, develop new skills, and forge lasting memories with their families. FOA Kids embodies our commitment to nurturing the potential of the next generation, ensuring they grow up with a strong sense of belonging, responsibility, and readiness to lead.


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