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Family Office Association is a highly selective membership and in-person/digital events organization dedicated to the multigenerational success of families, the thriving and intergenerational understanding of family members of all generations (Traditional, Boomer, NextGen, Millennial, Gen Z), and the family offices that work with pride and distinction in supporting all five capitals (financial, human, intellectual, social, and spiritual) of the families they serve.

Family Office Association is dedicated to bringing a uniquely beneficial understanding of family and family office best practices, anchored by our proprietary research and content and highlighted by our personal relationship with the most knowledgeable experts. We are attuned to future trends and rising generations and understand how best to help with transitions.

During COVID-19 Family Office Association pivoted more quickly and better than any organization within the global family office community. As one member stated, “Family Office Association went from hosting 12-15 events per year to over 150!”

We are committed to hosting live digital video programming multiple times per week that feature new, interesting topics and guests. We’ve created significant proprietary content and Masterclasses during COVID-19 that provide real member value. We believe the current health crisis has accelerated trends in how we interact that will remain long after the pandemic is gone.

About Angelo Robles,
Founder & CEO


Angelo Robles has been working with wealthy families since 2008 when he founded Family Office Association, a global membership organization for UHNW families and their family offices. His members say he delivers the finest content and programming, including his own proprietary content on designing, accelerating, and transforming single-family offices to thrive generationally. Angelo emphasizes innovation in the single-family office. This includes creating appropriate benchmarks, implementing relevant technology, and updating processes to align with industry best practices.

Having worked with multiple generations of families for the past 12 years and their trusted advisors, Angelo has gained enormous intellectual capital on how UHNW families think and feel — and what motivates them.

Angelo is the founder of the Effective Family Office think tank and is the creator of the “Family Office Masterclass Program Series” for families, their single-family offices, and their advisors. He also personally coaches a select group of global families and advisors.

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out to us!

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