Family Office Masterclass

“This Masterclass is a comprehensive series that defines and authenticates single-family offices as the impetus for the sustainability of UHNW families and their businesses. It is the first of its kind to bring the complexities and emerging threats within the family office community to light. Successful completion of this Masterclass will leave you with insider information and the ability to make forward-thinking decisions for the prosperity of your family enterprise and the longevity of your generational legacy.


Included in your masterclass session:

  • 6-hour self-guided Masterclass videos
  • PDF of Masterclass presentation & materials

Most single-family offices will not survive a

Generational Transition


Most single-family offices are not well-positioned to be extraordinary or transformative. They’re not strategically optimized to enhance the family’s brand, legacy, and wealth.


Be the family and family office that breaks that cycle.

Desired Outcomes

How can you future-proof your Single Family Office? COVID-19 caught many SFOs off guard, revealing their weaknesses and exposing risks. In this Masterclass session, we will draw on over a decade of experience working with best-in-class family offices to create the processes and strategies that will ensure the family/single family office’s larger goals far into the future.

Foresight into the future of wealthy families and their single family offices.

Insight into the myriad of challenges facing wealthy families and the most important reason to have a single family office.

Understanding the single family office role in coordinating internal and external resources to mitigate risks, navigate black swans and procure positive future outcomes.

Valuing the need for families/single family offices to adapt as the current M.O. leaves them vulnerable and at-risk of failure.

Comprehending the why and how a single family office needs to adapt to procure positive future outcomes, prepare for intergenerational necessity, understand their vulnerabilities and become more resilient and anti-fragile, so the single family office can thrive in crisis.

Learning three key takeaways in having a high-performing single family office: The quality of your people/team, consistent communication and systems.

Organizing what single family offices commonly focus their resources towards including mitigating taxes, estate transfer, asset protection, investments, philanthropy, educating the rising generation and service/concierge centric services.

Create an iForesight as to why the family/single family office needs a Chief Learning Officer to educate and enhance capacity and capabilities to sustain family personal, cultural and financial well-being for suite of technology for workflow and communication for your entire team.

Insight into the rise of the virtual single family office and how its reshaping the community.

Understanding the importance and insights into proper governance structures, as well as legal and tax structures, in creating or adapting into a modern effective and efficient single family office.

Valuing the most important aspects in a successful single family office are not the goals, that does not set great family offices apart from mediocre. It’s people, ideas, technologies and systems that do!

Comprehending the advancing technology revolution, big data, AI and the technologies used in today’s new normal by the world’s most tech savvy single family offices.

Learning the systems, processes, standards, policy and procedures in developing true best practices in the single family office.

Organizing stress testing, playing out ‘what if’ scenarios, table top and red cell team ‘attacks’ in becoming anti-fragile.

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