Hanuman Dass

Hanuman Dass

Yada Yoga, President


Hanuman Dass is the founder and Chairman of Go Dharmic, an international humanitarian movement for compassionate action based on the idea of Dharma. Hanuman Dass has led the growth of Go Dharmic for 13 years leading the development of over 100 School Libraries, 5 million meals distributed and multiple disaster relief campaigns and spoken across the world on the principles of peace, non-violence and compassion.

He has co-authored three books based on spiritual ideas from Hinduism which have universal relevance: The Power of Dharma, Pearl’s of Wisdom from Hinduism and Moving Mountains.

He is currently working on a book translating the Upanishads with the renowned late spiritual teacher Ram Dass titled, ‘Be Yourself’. As a dharma teacher, he spoke at COP26 in Glasgow on the values of Ahimsa to protect the environment, gave talks to executives at Barclays Bank, Accenture, PWC and at the British Parliament. He has over a decade of experience speaking and teaching meditation.

Apart from Go Dharmic he founded Arjun Global, a global recruitment firm and has over fifteen years of experience in consulting and recruiting for corporates, financial markets and Technology. More recently, Hanuman Dass has joined the board of Yada Yoga as President where he is leading the connectivity of leading yoga teachers and wellness professionals with high impact individuals, families and hotels.

Yada Yoga, Inc.

Discover Wellness Transformation with Yada Yoga

In our fast-paced modern lives, the concept of holistic wellness often gets lost in the shuffle. Our bodies, minds, and spirits yearn for balance, yet the hustle and bustle of daily life often leaves us disconnected from the very essence of our well-being. It’s in this pursuit of equilibrium that Yada Yoga finds its purpose.

Our Origin Story

Yada Yoga wasn’t born out of chance, but rather from a deep-seated desire to redefine the way we experience wellness. Rooted in the age-old principles of balance, harmony, and mindfulness, our journey began with a passionate group of individuals deeply committed to the wellness industry.

The Yada Yoga Approach

What sets Yada Yoga apart is our holistic approach to well-being. We understand that true wellness extends beyond mere physical health. It’s an intricate dance between the body, mind, and spirit. With this philosophy at our core, we’ve curated an array of wellness services designed to nurture every facet of your existence.


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