Gregory Pellitteri

Gregory Pellitteri

CEO of Cached and BundleFI


As an experienced leader and CEO of BundleFI and Cached, I harness my expertise in finance, data, and innovation to empower both consumers and businesses. BundleFI nurtures quality financial relationships, while Cached, fresh from beta, disrupts industries by enabling consumers to regain control of their data and helping businesses enhance their marketing strategies. I’m deeply invested in addressing the data economy imbalance, where substantial profits are made but consumers aren’t sufficiently compensated. Cached’s focus is on consumer education about ‘data value’ and simultaneously providing businesses with more targeted marketing insights. With a unique blend of insights and broad experience, I’m at the forefront of reshaping the data conversation.


Cached believes we all should be in control of our data, compensated for its value, and that this exchange should only happen with the permission of the data owner….which is each of us. Cached is an interactive, permission based platform that brings together buyers of data with consumers willing to engage them for a price. Traditionally, corporations capture and sell data that they collect from each of us, which is a bad deal. With Cached, users provide data about their interests, keep that data up-to-date, and answer questions from specific buyers. When they do, if a buyer purchases their data, they get paid. Simple, transparent and fun!


If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out to us!

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