Our experience with some of the wealthiest families in the world has allowed us to distill best practices for discovering purpose and refining the vision, governance, structures, systems, processes, and culture that successful families and their ‘safeguard’ family offices need in order to thrive.

We help families create or reinvent their family office to be of institutional quality and highly adaptive. Our process engages all generations in the family and focuses on designing a generationally dynamic family office of people/systems/technologies that aligns the desires and capabilities of the rising generation and is able to triumph over challenges.

We offer our consultative proprietary knowledge and resources, incorporating: generational collaboration, globally dynamic wealth preservation concepts and structures, onshore and offshore family office entities, and the intertwinement of family office structures with family-owned private banks, family-owned insurers, and internal family-owned VC companies.

The vast majority of families and their family offices are often blind to both exponential (non-linear) accelerated opportunities and hazards, which have the potential to massively disrupt the lives of present and future generations. Often these events have a low probability in a given timeframe but high consequences when they take place.

We help families, and their family offices think through and stress test ‘what if’ exponential opportunities and hazards. Unique to other consultative services, our precedence for multi-generational fluidity within the family and their family office is, ultimately, the only way for a family to truly become anti-fragile.

Digital Money & Finance Innovation Consulting

The Evolution of Money: Bitcoin. Ethereum. The Complete Digital Asset Economy. Trillions will be created and there will be winners and losers. There will be significant declines and volatility, however, there is extraordinary asymmetrical potential in cryptocurrency. Family Office Association has emerged as a leader in Family Offices and Cryptocurrencies and have garnered the expertise to offer valuable insights to family offices.

Thrive in a Crisis

This is a custom online immersive experience allowing attendees to engage with the Family Office Association’s “Family Office Dream Team.” This session will be tailored to your family/single-family office and will feature the most successful and forward-thinking global experts from within the family office world and from without.

Emergency Response Simulation

How would your family office respond in a crisis? Don’t wait to find out. Our Emergency Response Simulations are designed to test your team, processes, procedures and grace under fire. We create realistic, real-world threats that a family office may face and see how your team responds. We provide guidance and post-simulation feedback.

Create or Rethink a Family Office

If you need to create or rethink a family office from the ground up, we have the resources to help. Our experience with some of the wealthiest families in the world has allowed us to distill the best practices for creating vision, goals, structure, governance, processes, and culture that will allow your family office to thrive. We provide a variety of services, from full service to ‘a la carte’ offerings. We will customize your package based on your current needs.


Family Office Association offers bespoke consulting to address the individual challenges your family and family office may be facing. After an initial consultation, we will propose the best method for moving forward – options include online workshops, in-person masterclasses, Q&As with thought leaders, evaluations by leading experts, and more. Our solutions are designed to meet your individual needs.

Individual & Family Coaching

Designed for exceptional entrepreneurs, leaders, and people who want to live a more fulfilling, effective, and impactful life.

Work one-on-one with the principals of The Mindset Partnership, Joelle Jarvis, and Emily Donaldson DeVoto, leading experts in individual and family coaching designed for exceptional entrepreneurs, leaders, and people who want to live a more fulfilling, effective, and impactful life. All Mindset Partnership programs were specifically designed for exceptional leaders, many of whom are responsible for maintaining the integrity of significant investments, reassuring their investors, inspiring founders, managing a Family Office, as well as maintaining sanity, stability, and balance for their families. Joelle and Emily personally coach partners in some of the world’s top venture capital and private equity firms, founders, and other top tier executives and entrepreneurs managing assets over $300 billion.

Mindset Coaching is the secret weapon for those committed to breaking limiting patterns of thought and behavior, improve their communication to transform relationships, and access more joy and fulfillment is through strategic coaching. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate… are you ready? Coaching helps you to get clear on what you want, why you want it, and what’s preventing you from having it, then helps you to transform into the person you need to become to have the business, relationships, and life you want. Joelle and Emily and their team are here to call it tight and be right there by your side through the thick and thin of it. They effectively help clients to be more resilient, better positioned to emerge stronger through challenges, and able to identify and pursue opportunities. Mindset Coaches help to provide clarity by providing tools and perspective which drive lasting change even during times of extraordinary circumstances.

Now is the time to reinvent, redefine, reconnect and re-engage with your life…

Family Office Association Members will receive $1000 credit toward any 90+ day coaching. Know more about the program HERE. Email now to set up a complimentary consultation at

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