Brian King

Brian King,
LODAS Markets


Brian King, an experienced financial services industry veteran with 23 years of expertise, is the CEO of LODAS Markets, the first fully electronic marketplace for buying and selling illiquid real estate and alternative investments. Prior to founding LODAS, Brian held senior roles at Bats Global Markets (now CBOE) and the New York Stock Exchange, where he became an expert in market structure and gained a comprehensive understanding of trading, clearing, and settlement across multiple asset classes. Before joining the exchange industry, Brian founded and grew Fortress Financial Advisors in Jacksonville, Fla. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.


LODAS is the first fully automated secondary marketplace designed specifically for trading illiquid alternative and real estate investments. With more than 40 registered funds on its platform, including funds from industry giants like Blackstone, Starwood, and Deutsche Bank, LODAS simplifies the process of buying and selling these traditionally illiquid assets.

In addition to achieving the status of the third largest ATS, the recent launch of private real estate investments marks the latest milestone for the LODAS Marketplace. It addresses the liquidity needs of the $18 trillion private real estate market, enabling investors to effortlessly sell their holdings and opens the door for accredited investors to purchase mature investments, often at a discount to their market value.

Beyond real estate, LODAS facilitates the sale of Business Development Companies (BDCs) and private energy funds. Its fully electronic platform eliminates paperwork, making selling illiquid investments simple, fast, and cost-effective.

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