Michael Zhu

Michael Zhu,
Accathon Capital


Michael Zhu Michael Zhu, a scion of a storied Chinese lineage. As the Chief Investment Officer of Accathon Capital, his single family office, Michael adeptly navigates the complexities of private market investments on a global stage. Further amplifying his impact, he serves as a partner at Ascend Family Office, an outlier asset management and advisory institution in the U.S. that brings together an exceptional community of global families.

A fervent supporter of the arts, education, cultural enrichment, and the eradication of global hunger, Michael has curated a remarkable art and antique collection spanning 25 years. This treasure trove proudly resides within the Zhu Family Museum. His commitment to societal betterment shines through his advisory role in Tony Robbins’ “100 Billion Meals Challenge” a noble initiative to end hunger across the globe. A prominent figure in thought leadership circles, Michael cofounded Asian Family Legacy Foundation, which fosters a trusted circle for global families, guiding meaningful discourse on wealth and legacy complexities while nurturing connections that shape today’s actions into tomorrow’s philanthropic legacies. Michael is also an esteemed member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle and holds the honor of being an Asia 21 Next Generation Fellow with the Asia Society.

Equipped with dual MBAs from the Columbia Business School and the London Business School, Michael embodies a rare fusion of sharp business insight, a heart for philanthropy, and an insightful cross-cultural viewpoint, all of which he leverages with finesse in his multifaceted pursuits.

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