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Jennifer Katrulya,


Jennifer Katrulya is Co-President of Family Office Association (FOA). As part of her 28 years of experience working with clients across the United States and internationally, Jennifer has worked with family offices, leading private equity and venture capital firms, professional services companies, staffing companies, healthcare organizations, high-growth technology companies, and other niche groups. This broad range of experience has largely resulted from family offices frequently asking for fractional professional support with their family office advisory needs, as they create and scale new companies, and as they acquire existing high-growth companies.

In addition to her role with FOA, Jennifer is a partner in a national advisory and accounting firm. She is responsible for developing strategic and channel relationships for the firm, in addition to providing advisory and outsourced C-Suite services to a range of privately held companies and family offices.

Jennifer has been asked to assist with the vetting and due diligence process for potential acquisitions, provide guidance for accounting departments needing to implement or fine-tune their pricing structures accounting policies, provide Quality of Earnings and Fairness Opinion engagements, provide guidance for accounting departments needing to implement or update their technology and best practices, and address a wide range of other strategic and operational challenges.

She is the founder of ROI Mastery, which provides group and individual advisory and support solutions for start-up and high growth privately held companies. She is also the founder of the Family Office Leadership Network, which provides group and individual advisory services for current and rising leaders of single family offices. Jennifer serves in a leadership role (new title announcement is pending) at Family Office Association, a highly selective membership and in-person/digital events organization dedicated to the multigenerational success of family offices.

Jennifer is frequently asked to help form and run company advisory boards, present at Board of Directors meetings, facilitate company retreats, and appear as a speaker.

Prior to joining her current firm, Jennifer was a Practice Leader at a top Midwest CPA firm, and she was the co-founder of Block Small Business, a wholly owned subsidiary of H&R Block. Jennifer was also the owner of a highly successful CPA firm that provided accounting and advisory services to clients within the U.S. and internationally. She has been recognized at one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People” by Accounting Today, and one of the “Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting” by CPA Practice Advisor.

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