Consuelo Vanderbilt

Consuelo Vanderbilt,


Consuelo Vanderbilt CEO & Co-Founder of SohoMuse

Consuelo Vanderbilt, the seventh-generation descendant of shipping and railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, is an American singer, composer, songwriter, designer, actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.  Consuelo found herself in the top 20 Billboard Dance Charts with her top 10 hit singles. Consuelo’s debut single “Naked” spent 16 weeks on the charts, while her follow-up “Feel So Alive” earned her Billboard’s #2 Breakout Artist honor. Her latest hit “Body Needs” broke Billboard’s Top 5.

Consuelo is the CEO & Co-Founder of SohoMuse, a member-driven social networking platform for creative professionals. The platform launched in 2017 as a solution for creative professionals across the globe to have the ability to network and collaborate across various creative industries. Since its introduction to the creative world, the platform has garnered thousands of memberships from globally renowned designers, artists, musicians, and directors to dancers, makeup artists, and more, who have collaborated on projects ranging from New York and London Fashion Week experiences to television and film productions, photoshoots and more.

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