Lonnie Gienger

Lonnie Gienger,
Flourishing Family | Family Meridian | Author


Lonnie’s passion is developing families and companies that have a lasting positive impact on society. For the last 20 years he’s been learning to lead his family as strategically as he leads businesses and he regularly receives requests to coach families of influence around the world on pathways to create multigenerational family legacy and impact.

Lonnie is CEO of Wilkinson Corporation, a national real estate investment management platform that has transacted on over $3 billion of real estate creating strong impact results and investment returns. The company has been adding 2000-3000 apartment units per year to its portfolio with a world class team that focuses on continually increasing the positive impact on people and the planet. He has also been Chairman and CEO of a senior housing ownership and operations company from start up to over 2000 employees in 18 states.

Lonnie is Chairman of Flourishing Family, a non-profit which helps families of wealth thrive relationally, spiritually, individually, and in their impact on society. And he is author of the transformational book , Beyond Business, How Your Company Can Build a Better World.

Lonnie has been married for 40 years to his childhood sweetheart, best friend and fellow entrepreneur, Shelley. Their four adult children and their spouses lead businesses that benefit society. And the whole family enjoys working together in various ventures and skiing, backpacking or boating from the family lodge in the Cascade mountains.

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