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President, Family Office Association


Rush Olney

Co-President, Family Office Association


Sean Koh

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Liz Elting

Elizabeth Elting Foundation

Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, is an entrepreneur, business leader, linguaphile, philanthropist, feminist, and mother. After living, studying, and working in five countries across the globe, Liz founded TransPerfect out of an NYU dorm room in 1992 and served as Co-CEO until 2018. TransPerfect is the world’s largest language solutions company, with over $1.1 billion in revenue and offices in more than 100 cities worldwide. Liz received the 2019 Charles Waldo Haskins Award for business and public service from NYU’s Stern School of Business, the American Heart Association’s 2020 Health Equity Leadership Award, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs’ 2021 Vertex Award for changing the face and direction of women’s high-growth entrepreneurship, the American Heart Association’s 2022 Woman Changing the World Award, and Trinity College’s 2022 Kathleen O’Connor Boelhouwer ’85 Alumni Initiative Award. Liz has been recognized as a NOW Woman of Power & Influence, American Express’ and Entrepreneur magazine’s Woman of the Year, and one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women every year since the list’s inception. Elting is the author of the upcoming book, Dream Big and Win: Translating Passion into Purpose and Creating a Billion-Dollar Business.

Marcia Nelson


Kama Moseley

Lockton Companies


Ed Abel


CARESULTANTS offers a unique and effective solution for affluent individuals and their families who want to ensure an optimal transition and experience during life’s later stages.

In working with thousands of aging clients over the past forty years, we found that many people who anticipate, or who are already experiencing, cognitive or physical decline often wait until it’s too late to make arrangements. They frequently end up with sub-optimal solutions or worse. And they inevitably place an unbearable burden on their families.

While “reacting” is often necessitated by financial circumstances, individuals who have the resources and who understand the value of planning just haven’t traditionally had a solution. This is why Caresultants was created: To provide 360° of planning and support for individuals who want to age actively and gracefully while minimizing the burden on their families.

The Caresultants’ Comprehensive LifeCare Plan™ proactively addresses dozens of issues and needs so that the risks and costs of aging and the burden on family and loved ones are minimized – while maximizing quality of life.

Kevin Ricci

Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC

Kevin Ricci is a Partner in the firm’s Providence office and a leader within the Technology, Risk Advisory, and Cybersecurity (TRAC) Practice. He has over 25 years of extensive experience in technology services including consulting, security assessments, cybersecurity awareness training, social engineering simulations, IT auditing, fractional CISO, project management, database development, data analysis, and compliance services including PCI DSS, for which he is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

Kevin has helped his clients achieve their cybersecurity and privacy goals, helping assess, build, and transform their cybersecurity and privacy programs, and has provided strategic oversight in enhancing his client’s IT risk and security capabilities. Kevin has experience managing cybersecurity engagements across the industry spectrum, with a focus on cybersecurity and privacy, regulatory compliance including PCI DSS, and IT general computing and operational controls including those related to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX). He has also worked with a broad variety of large and small companies to develop data analysis tools, including the design and development of database solutions that streamline data collection and reporting.

Mary D’Souza

Wade Floyd

Mike Packman

Chairman, Family Office Association

Mike Packman is Chairman of Family Office Association, leading the future direction and strategy of the company.

Additionally, Mike is the Founder and CEO of Keystone National Properties (KNPRE). Mike founded KNPRE to build a business that provides accretive impact and tax-advantaged investment opportunities for family offices and other high-net-worth individuals. As CEO, he is responsible for creating and leading the execution of the firm’s long-term business strategy, identifying new opportunities for impact and growth, structuring investment opportunities, as well as building and maintaining the firm’s relationships.

Michael Felman

Ryan Ansin

Daphna Ziman


Daphna Edwards Ziman, is the President and Co-Chairman of Cinémoi, a network devoted to film, fashion, and lifestyle. She is also the founder of a music label, a movie writer and director, an author and a philanthropist, known internationally and in the Halls of Power in Washington, D.C. for her work on behalf of at-risk and foster children.

Cinémoi is an elegant channel tailored for discerning viewers and recognized for its high- quality eclectic array of classic and contemporary curated movies and documentaries and its glamorous coverage of top worldwide film festivals and Fashion Weeks.

Miles Spencer

Digital Media Innovator

I’m a fairly normal guy from Pittsburgh that strayed a long way from home. I’ve been a mentor of tech founders for 30 years, and a father of kids for 11. The similarities are remarkable. My day job has been to help create over 1,100 jobs while founding, financing, building and exiting three digital media companies. Prior to that, I was a Venture Principal at Capital Express (register.com), hosted MoneyHunt on PBS (pre- SharkTank), led over 1,500 people across 14 miles of open sea on kayak, and trekked 1,100 miles through the deserts of Saudi, Jordan and Syria. After a bit of a pandemic reset, I’m  now actively investing and directly managing teams in digital media, entertainment, and consumer products. And painting watercolors with my daughter or playing rugby with my son Oh, and sometimes friends have to interpret for my special type of English.

Miles has been a mentor of tech founders for 30 years, and a father of two kids for 11. The similarities are remarkable.

His leadership helped create over 1,100 jobs in the last decade while founding, building and exiting three digital media companies. Prior to that, he was a Venture Principal at Capital Express (register.com), hosted MoneyHunt on PBS (pre- SharkTank), led over 1,500 people across 14 miles of open sea on kayak, and trekked 1,100 miles through the deserts of Saudi, Jordan and Syria.

After a pandemic reset, Miles is now actively investing and directly managing teams in digital media, entertainment, and consumer products. And painting watercolors with his daughter.

Find Miles at [Miles to Go] [LinkedIn] [Wiki] [Reelay]

Chad Cormier

Chad started his career as an attorney, having practiced for around 5 years in all manners of the corporate legal arena; including: private fund formation, m&a, real estate development and finance, debt obligations, and venture capital finance. Chad brings his structuring knowledge and bank of expertise to every deal RSW takes on. In addition to deal sourcing and structuring for RSW, Chad is also an expert on due diligence and regulatory compliance matters. Chad has many others credits to his name, including being a co-founder of a couple of startups himself, including a sports and entertainment company, and serving in various diversity and inclusion roles; including as Strategic Advisor at Velocis, where he is responsible for the overall implementation of the Velocis Diversity Equity & Inclusion initiative.

Gene Reilly

Gary Cardone

Gary Cardone stands tall in the business world as a dynamic force of innovation, mastering the art of identifying and filling gaps that arise when legacy business models meet contemporary technology.

His journey began in 1986 in the energy sector with Natural Gas Clearinghouse (later known as Dynegy). Cardone joined NGC as the 12th commercial partner, and shortly thereafter, the modest team expanded to a workforce of 6,000, generating 30 billion in revenues. He and a relatively small group of disruptors played a pivotal role in restructuring and transforming the energy markets in North America. Cardone’s strategic foresight later took him to the UK in 1992 where he was able to leverage what he had learned from the U.S. deregulatory process and became the youngest CEO/President of a public company. He spearheaded Dynegy’s international business in powers and natural gas for the next decade, where he would completely reform the UK’s power and natural gas markets.

Karina Alexanyan

Dr. Karina Alexanyan leads Executive Education for Emergence, a Stanford University program focused on education, innovation, and entrepreneurship for social impact. Dr. Alexanyan is the Founder of Humanication.io, a responsible innovation consultancy, with expertise at at the intersection of technology, social impact, media and education. Dr. Alexanyan has worked with Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia Universities, as well as social impact organizations such as Partnership on AI and All Tech is Human. She sits on the Board of Directors for Internet Safety Labs, and is an Advisor for AIedu.org. Dr. Alexanyan has taught courses in communication and media studies at NYU and Stanford and has published her academic research internationally. She holds a PhD in Communication from Columbia University.

Brian King

LODAS (formerly Realto)

Brian King, an experienced financial services industry veteran with 23 years of expertise, is the CEO of LODAS Markets, the first fully electronic marketplace for buying and selling illiquid real estate and alternative investments. Prior to founding LODAS, Brian held senior roles at Bats Global Markets (now CBOE) and the New York Stock Exchange, where he became an expert in market structure and gained a comprehensive understanding of trading, clearing, and settlement across multiple asset classes.

Before joining the exchange industry, Brian founded and grew Fortress Financial Advisors in Jacksonville, Fla. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

Andrea Bartzen

Biotech/Healthcare Investment Fund Allocator

Andrea Bartzen is a Life Science/Biotech/Health tech Industry expert that has spent 25 years building the pharmaceutical industry and has done the strategy behind some of the largest drug launches in the market—such as Lipitor, Viagra, Botox and Keytruda and others.

She works directly with a prominent Sheikh in Qatar and a number of other prominent families in the middle east and U.S. She allocates funds on their behalf into transformative health companies that will change the healthcare eco-system.

She works with families to determine the impact in Healthcare that they want to create. She identifies the companies that are on the forefront of creating that change and then helps those company CEOs to accelerate change—accelerating the valuations that go along with that innovation.

Scott Lippert

Isaiah Peel

Isaiah Peel is a sport event professional, project manager, and business engagement specialist. He served in the U.S. Army as a Human Intelligence Collector, with multiple tours to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom from 2010-2014. His professional sports experience has spanned from NBA, NHL, and NFL, assisting with Community Relations, Football Operations, and Stadium Operations. Isaiah is currently the Pickleball and Activities Manager at Chicken n Pickle, the first of its kind to dominate the “eatertainment” space, helping them with their sporting operations as the game of Pickleball grows all over the country. He is the future Owner/Operator and Franchisee of 9round Kickboxing, a gym franchise that has successfully built hundreds of businesses all over the country and internationally. Isaiah has a plethora of experience in many fields over the past decade that has been a huge asset to several companies and organizations!

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