Effective Family Office



Written by Family Office Association founder Angelo Robles, Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond describes how the most innovative and successful single-family offices respond to a turbulent world, uncertain economy, threats from cyber and terrorist attacks, constantly evolving regulations, tax structures, and risks, as well as challenging family dynamics and unprecedented rates of wealth creation.

Maximizing Your Single Family Office



Co-authored by Family Office Association founder Angelo Robles, Maximizing Your Single-Family Office pulls back the curtain on the rapidly changing world of single-family offices to reveal:

  • The three powerful drivers that are foundational to all high-performing single-family offices
  • The deliverables and expertise provided by many single-family offices
  • The importance of the growing outsourcing trend in the private wealth industry—and what it means for you
  • The power of stress testing and why you should seriously consider it if you are at all unsure about any of the financial and related choices you have made or are considering

Your single-family office should be all about you and what matters to you. Maximizing Your Single-Family Office gives you the knowledge to help ensure that your own single-family office is achieving the superior outcomes you want.

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