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Jay Rogers,

Alpha Strategies Investment Consulting, Inc.


Jay Rogers is an investment professional and entrepreneur with almost three decades in the financial services industry. His career began with such firms as Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Bear Stearns and later transitioned to working full time with family offices and creating diverse investment portfolios. Alpha Strategies was established in 2009 by a group of highly experienced investment professionals with a shared belief that qualified investors are still underserved in their access to deep domain expertise in alternative investments generating consistently high levels of “pure” alpha. It has since grown into a diversified financial services company with specialties in alternative investment consulting and management.

Jay has been a trusted advisor to multiple family offices and is instrumental in syndicating private investment opportunities among family offices and institutional investors nationwide. These opportunities include real estate, private debt & equity, and venture capital. 

Michael Felman,
MSF Capital Advisors


Michael Felman is President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors, a global multi-family office. Besides his own family office, his firm advises other family offices and a select group of high net worth individuals. Mr. Felman began his investment career as an Angel Investor. He invested in real estate, film projects, technology companies and a restaurant.


  • Mr. Felman received his B.A from Clark University and J.D. from Pace University.
  • Winner of Acquisition International 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Global Multi-Family Office award.
  • Winner of Wealth & Finance International 2014, 2020 Global MultiFamily Office Award.
  • Winner of Corporate Live Wire 2020 Investment Advisory Firm of the Year.
  • A member of the NYU Stern Family Office Council.
  • He is a frequent speaker at family office, hedge fund and emerging markets conferences.

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