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Recent worldwide health events have accelerated the inevitable digital transition and highlighted what single-family offices should have been doing all along – stress testing, adapting, becoming more digital, and anti-fragile.

At the Family Office Association, we help our member families and their single-family offices evaluate future outcomes, prepare for intergenerational necessity, understand their vulnerabilities, and become more resilient and anti-fragile in order to thrive in a crisis.”

The rules of community and global engagement as well as ‘risk-reward’ are changing rapidly, the single family office may need to radically change to stay relevant to the needs of the family members and adapt to the evolving needs of the rising generation within the family. Massive opportunity exists for those families and their single family offices that start the shift now, versus waiting. Many single family offices will find that their current playbook doesn’t work optimally anymore.


We host MULTIPLE times PER month live private Zoom video webcasts dedicated to our members, addressing the most pressing issues of today and interviewing extraordinary thought leaders.

Once per month we host our Zoom video MasterMind Series. NO guests. Simply us, you, and your family/family office peers. We share questions, answers, and best practices.

Access to our Highly acclaimed FOA Member Handbooks well over 150 pages each: ‘Sovereign Risks: Building the Moat Around the Castle’ and ‘Creating an Adaptive, Resilient, Anti-Fragile Family Office That Thrives Generationally.’

Gain access to all our written content, videos, and Masterclasses throughout the year regarding the evolution of money and what to expect as digital money takes over.

As an active global thought leader in the community producing original content, and with thousands of connections to the leading professionals in the community, we are here to serve our members and be there for you as a resource, problem solver and as a connector.

Q&A active participation with our thought leader guests on the video webcasts. You have a say! We announce you and your question (incoming via chat feature) or allow you, the participant, to directly ask.

Access to our six hour digitally recorded Masterclass on ‘Creating an Adaptive, Resilient, Anti-Fragile Family Office That Thrives Generationally.’ In addition, you have access to our private library of digitally recorded Masterclasses including ‘Family Offices 101.’
Online access to the community’s most in-depth and wide breadth resource center that gives you access to our thought leadership, proprietary research, expert advice, how-to manuals, and ready-to-use tools and templates.

A $2,500 credit on our Consultative Services. We help the world’s most successful families create modern, multi-generationally dynamic, international family offices, that are digitally savvy, identify exponential opportunities and hazards in becoming truly anti-fragile.

You may be a guest on our live member Zoom programs if you so desire.

Access to content and resources shared by experts in the 4 hours of Consulting Service of your choice.

Invitations with a guest to ALL Private Dinners/Roundtable Gatherings in NYC. Miami. CA and other destinations.

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out to us!

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