Rush Olney

Rush Olney,


Rush Olney is Co-President at Family Office Association (FOA), Head of Operations, and leads FOA’s exciting new Peer Communities.

He is also a consultant with a national advisory and accounting firm, with a focus on providing fractional C-Suite services and consulting support for family offices and high-growth start-up and mid-market companies.

He is an investor, mentor, and entrepreneur. Rush has a diverse background spanning military service, finance, and entrepreneurship. With over 24 years of experience, he has excelled in various roles and industries, demonstrating his exceptional skills and expertise.

Rush began his career in the military, where he served domestically and abroad, particularly in the Pacific Theater. His dedication and commitment to service laid the foundation for his subsequent accomplishments.

After completing his military service, Rush embarked on an academic journey to broaden his knowledge and skills. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business. Concurrently, he joined State Street Bank and Trust as an analyst, where he played a pivotal role in managing pricing, analysis, and human capital for some of the world’s largest pension and investment funds. This experience honed his financial acumen and provided valuable insights into the global market landscape.

During his tenure at State Street, Rush crossed paths with Dave Cummings, the esteemed Founder and Owner of Tradebot Systems and BATS Exchange. Recognizing Rush’s exceptional talent, he invited him to join the firm. Rush swiftly rose through the ranks, assuming the position of trader and eventually being promoted to Team Lead, Head of Trading, and Senior VP of Tradebot, one of the leading high-frequency trading (HFT) firms in the automated trading space. His role at Tradebot exposed him to diverse markets and asset classes, including Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Real Estate. This breadth of experience allowed Rush to gain a comprehensive understanding of alternative investments and develop a keen eye for lucrative opportunities.

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