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Gary Cardone,


Gary Cardone stands tall in the business world as a dynamic force of innovation, mastering the art of identifying and filling gaps that arise when legacy business models meet contemporary technology.

His journey began in 1986 in the energy sector with Natural Gas Clearinghouse (later known as Dynegy). Cardone joined NGC as the 12th commercial partner, and shortly thereafter, the modest team expanded to a workforce of 6,000, generating 30 billion in revenues. He and a relatively small group of disruptors played a pivotal role in restructuring and transforming the energy markets in North America. Cardone’s strategic foresight later took him to the UK in 1992 where he was able to leverage what he had learned from the U.S. deregulatory process and became the youngest CEO/President of a public company. He spearheaded Dynegy’s international business in powers and natural gas for the next decade, where he would completely reform the UK’s power and natural gas markets.

Upon observing potential stagnation in the energy markets, Cardone demonstrated the characteristics of a true swash buckling commodity trader by selling 17 years-worth of accumulated stock and options in Dynegy due to the prediction of a flatlining in the energy traders/markets era. His exit proved to be perfect timing as the entire market shifted into chaos. After moving back to the U.S., he showcased his entrepreneurial acumen by co-founding and being the sole investor in Chargebacks911, addressing a glaring problem in the card payment industry. Cardone relinquished his stake in CB911 in 2023 as he turned his focus to Blockchain and Digital assets. His investments didn’t stop there. With an early foray into cryptocurrency in 2016, Cardone invested in and became the Head of Strategy for Node40, Inc., a technology firm using AI that simplifies cryptocurrency compliance, audits, forensics, litigation, tax and accounting, for some of the largest company’s and enforcement authorities in the world.

Milestones & Achievements:

  • Dynegy (Formerly Natural Gas Clearinghouse): Gary’s meteoric rise in the energy landscape began with NGC. He transformed it into Dynegy, a Fortune 30 enterprise. His embrace of technology and regulatory shifts positioned Dynegy as a global industry leader, ensuring stability in energy markets worldwide.
  • Chargebacks911: A response to an e-commerce challenge, Chargebacks911 addresses the trillion-dollar issue of chargeback fraud. Under Cardone’s leadership, it has emerged as an industry disruptor, bringing innovative remedies to age-old merchant woes.
  • Node40: Venturing into the intricate world of cryptocurrency, Cardone’s Node40 seeks to demystify cryptocurrency compliance and taxation for major businesses. This strategic move has made the vast potential of the crypto-market and blockchain more accessible and transparent.

Gary Cardone’s illustrious career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to disruption and innovation. Whether it’s energy, e-commerce, or cryptocurrency, his visionary approach has left an indelible mark, firmly establishing him as a luminary in the global business sphere.  He is a contributor on many forms of media helping educate the world in its shift from the 20th century analogue system to a fully digitized world where everything will be measured, tracked and accounted for.

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