Paul Chen

Paul Chen,
Neumetry Medical Inc.


Paul Chen is the CEO and co-founder of Neumetry Medical Inc, an AI startup that leverages waveform AI to build a personalized predictive healthcare cloud. Under his leadership, the company has achieved impressive success by bootstrapping the development of its Sleep AI Software as a Medical Device, which secured FDA 510(K) clearance in just 15 months.Before starting Neumetry, Paul worked as a cloud architect on Wall Street, providing cloud consulting services to a range of global financial and pharmaceutical companies, including JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, UBS, Pershing, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

He also worked as a senior security consultant for Merrill Lynch, ING Barings, and Dow Jones, where he was responsible for business planning, management, and the design and development of security products and tools. He is a highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur and technologist, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a passion for using AI and machine learning to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

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