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Wealth's Realities Require Community

Wealth has been represented across the centuries in very diverse ways: The capacity to think (A. Rand); The ability to fully experience life (H. Thoreau); Circumstantial increased optionality (G. R. Ansin).

Within a family, however, wealth can be a propellant to bliss or a devastating poison. How a family preserves and grows its wealth, while building its legacy can not only dictate the fulfillment of the family members' lives but can shape the future.

Family Office Association is a global membership community dedicated to providing UHNW families the resources to solve their most difficult challenges and achieve their respective and collective goals. Our strategic meetings and forums offer insight to grow wealth, strengthen legacy, and unite multiple generations through shared interests and passions. FOA is where Performance meets Purpose.

We are here for those who care most about generating multi-generational positivity while investing intelligently, giving strategically, and learning exponentially.

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2014 FOA Spring Summit
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Interest in SFOs has grown during the last twenty years with a new wave of worldwide wealth coupled with global economic turmoil of the past decade. extreme volatility, banking...

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Next Gen Entrepreneurship Program (NGEP)

We focus on building a small community of young motivated like-minded peer students interested in learning about and experiencing entrepreneurship...

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Family Office Association is uniquely positioned to operate at
the intersection of investment insight and thought leadership.

Why? Our Founder and CEO Angelo J. Robles says it best:

"Members arrive with very diverse intentions - some looking to allocate the next day, some looking to endow a foundation, some looking to start an SFO or join an MFO. You name it. They leave having the ability to do so in congruence with their heart, their family constitution, and their needs. They leave scintillating."
Angelo J. Robles

How Do I Get Involved?