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We're a compelling resource in
the family-office world

A source of privileged insights into strategic investing -- delivered personally by some of the world's top investors -- coupled with cutting-edge thought leadership once confined to conclaves like the World Economic Forum and the Milken Institute Global Conference.

It's a mix that avails our members of many of the world's sharpest minds: from David Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, to PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel; from James Chanos, Founder and President of Kynikos Associates, to Walter O'Brien, a computer scientist deemed of "national interest" by the U.S. government.

We aggregate proprietary expertise and deliver it to our members through private educational and networking opportunities. In so doing, we offer wealthy families and the family-office professionals who serve them an enviable look into the most urgent opportunities across business and finance, technology and philanthropy, society and health. And all to advance the interests of multiple generations of ultra-high net worth families: wealth protection and growth, philanthropic impact, and the use of technology to capture advantages across the board -- financial, social and legal.

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Interest in SFOs has grown during the last twenty years with a new wave of worldwide wealth coupled with global economic turmoil of the past decade. extreme volatility, banking and business failures and investment fraud...

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We focus on building a small community of young motivated like-minded peer students interested in learning about and experiencing entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in the yearlong process...

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Family Office Association is uniquely positioned to operate at
the intersection of investment insight and thought leadership.

Why? Our Founder and CEO
Angelo J. Robles says it best:

"In offering guidance to wealthy families and those who staff their family offices,
an 'either/or' approach won't work anymore. Investment insight without thought
leadership lacks context. And thought leadership without investment insight lacks
the means to turn ideas into action. FOA is unique in delivering both."